Who We Are

Leuntea-Vin Family Winery, 1817, Wine, Moldova, Dmitrii Kyssa

We Introduce youA Man Behind The Wine

The wine is created by the owner of the winery, Dmitrii Kyssa. He is an oenologist with more than 45 years’ experience in the industry , who personally controls the quality of production and strictly observes the technology.

OUR HISTORYA tradition reaching back to 1817

“Leuntea-Vin” Wine Factory together with the village Leuntea, where it is located, represents a historical value in the south-east region of Moldova. Being one of the oldest wineries on the territory of Basarabia since 1817, it started the wine industry in that region, introducing the science and technology of european descent.

Leuntea-Vin Family Winery, 1817, Wine, Moldova, Wine cellars, Ponset, Ponset Mihail Ivanovich


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